ТCreative Expedition across the Arctic Circle

The artists of “Creative world” project participated in a creative expedition across the Arctic Circle in July, 2016.

The participants of plain-air were impressed the most by Kandalaksha Gulf of the White Sea, Khibiny Mountains that allured them with their magical energy, the reindeer breeding traditions of Lovozero inhabitants, and, of course, lake Popovskoe – it’s shores gave the artist a nice opportunity to make some sketches and to swim.

And when they came to almost deserted village Teriberka where hulks of fishing boats send down their roots into the ground, artists admitted that they felt as if they’d ended up in some other dimension.

During the journey the artists from Russia, Azerbaijan, China and Chile also visited the Kovdor mining and processing complex – they were able to see the open-pit mine and production facilities of the enterprise.

The two-week plain-air was concluded with exhibition of paintings “The Arctic Circle through the Eyes of Contemporary Artists” at the Murmansk regional museum of local lore.