Serbia through the Eyes of Russian Artists

In October, 2012 the trip of artists from St Petersburg to Serbia was conducted within the frames of Viacheslav Zarenkov project “Creative World”. This time the creative team was composed of both celebrated painters, participants of Russian and international exhibitions and gifted young people, recent alumni of Ilya Repin St Petersburg Art Institute.

Unique program provided the painters from Russia to see magnificent nature of Serbia, visit monuments of ancient architecture, and learn about historical events. Moreover, artists were able to visit Drvengrad, the village which is fully built from wood, meet famous Kusturiсa, get inspired with the creative work of celebrated film-maker and watch his films. But the main thing is that this trip gave the opportunity to feel and comprehend amazing atmosphere of Serbia, get acquainted with life, household activities and traditions of common people. Along the whole routes the Serbians met the Russians with hospitality. Every house met guests from Russia with joy and cheer. As the Serbians like and are very good at having fun. Folk songs and dances brightly manifest national characteristics of these people; kindness, openness and warm-heartedness generously shared with others.

For two weeks artists from St Petersburg went around Serbia and painted pictures. As the result 145 (!) pictures were created. The picture canvases depict lofty mountains coming into the sky, purple forests, Orthodox churches and monasteries breathing with tranquility and peace, the blue Danube is flowing and a famous bridge across the Drina, whose image is the central in the similarly-named novel of Ivo Andric, a Yugoslav writer, the Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, is standing in its beauty. The pictures created in Serbia were presented at exhibition “Serbia through the Eyes of Russian Artists” the official opening of which was held on October 9, 2012 in the Russian House in Belgrade.

In his speech Viacheslav Zarenkov said: “Over the last decades many negative trends have been formed in the world. The nations are getting disunited and conflict with each other. Violence and cruelty are being encouraged in the mass media with increasing frequency and ethnic conflicts are incited up … “Creative World” project is intended to bring people of different nationalities and from different countries together with the help of art, set kindness, good morals, honesty and decency against violence. A person is born for happiness and this right is deserved by everyone. And the earth has enough space for everyone.”