“Creative World” – in Italy!

In the autumn of 2014 the artists from St. Petersburg – the participants of Viacheslav Zarenkov’s project “Creative World” – visited Italy.

Fascinating, temperamental, storing the history of many centuries, Italy appeared before the artists from the Northern capital not only as the center of the art world, but also as an extremely friendly and hospitable land. Vintage Italian cities and villages exude authentic charm and cheery and sharp nature of the Italians has not changed over centuries.

Traveling from the north to the south of the “boot”, the group of artists everywhere had an open-armed welcome. Italian farmers gladly treated members of the expedition with tea, home baked treats and roasted chestnuts, enthusiastically told about the traditions of olive oil and wine production.

For instance, a revealing story occurred in one of the provinces of the Tuscany region. The artists stayed for a short time at the farm of the Italian third-generation winegrower Fabrizio. While showing his vineyards to painters and treating them with vine, the farmer was so inspired by the guests that after a few days he caught up with the expedition in the south of the country, in the cave city of Matera, having covered overnight a distance of almost one and a half thousand kilometers to take part in the project and pose for a portrait to one of the artists.


During the creative expedition in Italy 13 artists from St. Petersburg – Andrey and Elena Bazanovs, Anzhelika Grishina, Dmitry Egupov, Aleksandr Zimin, Andrey Kavrizhkin, Pyotr Konosh, Anastasia and Liana Perepelitsins, Marina and Pavel Podkidyshevs, Galina Filimonova and Victor Yamshchikov – created 120 picturesque canvases.

Plein-air ended with the traditional opening-day of the “Creative World” project in the host country. Pictures devoted to Italy, were presented at the exhibition “Italy through the eyes of Russian artists” in the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Rome, grand opening of which took place on October 30, 2014.