Czech Republic through the Eyes of Russian Artists

In June, 2013 the group of artists – participants of Viacheslav Zarenkov project “Creative World” visited the Czhech Republic. The group’s route goes through Prague and the Southern Bohemia. From the capital the group of artists went to the south of the Czech republic – the region of ponds, intact nature and historical monuments.

Participants of the project visited the center of the South Bohemian Region, the location of the bishop’s office, the city of beer and pencils České Budějovice (Budweis), city with ancient historic center and hardly pronounceable name Jindřichův Hradec. They visited the city of Třeboň, rich for ponds in which there are lots of carps.

St Petersburg painters could see wrecks of mighty fortress Landštejn, romantic castles Červená Lhota and Rosenberg, neo-gothic residence of Princes of Schwarzenberg Hluboká nad Vltavou, unique architectural complex in the style of so called rural baroque – Holašovice village, monasteries of the 13th century Vyssi Brod and Zlata Koruna. And, certainly, the gem of South Bohemia – Český Krumlov was not neglected.Moreover, some group members visited the famous Kutná Hora and Czech glass-blowing factory. Creative expedition finished with picture exhibition in the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Prague.

The event received a massive public outcry and drew attention of press, representatives of business community, scientific, educational and cultural institutions. Herewith, the exhibition was visited not only by arts specialists but common people including many Russians living in the Czech Republic. One of exhibition visitors noted enthusiastically: “Over twelve years of life in Prague for the first time I have visited such event when within the walls of the Russian Center the artists from Russia managed to reflect their view of Czechia so delicately presented their pictures.”