Bulgaria through the Eyes of Russian Artists

In June, 2012 within the frames of international social and cultural project of Viacheslav Zarenkov “Creative World” artists from St Petersburg visited Bulgaria. For two weeks artists from the Northern Capital travelled around the country, studied its history and culture and painted pictures. As the result forty six canvases were created. On June 10, 2012 Art Gallery Graffit Gallery, located in the center of Varna held an official opening ceremony of art exhibition “Bulgaria through the Eyes of Russian Artists”.

The exhibition presented works of St Petersburg artists Andrey Bazanov, Elena Bazanova, Alexander Grishin, Anzhelika Grishina, Dmitry Egupov, Julia Zarenkova, Olga Krasnoperova and Victor Yamshchikov.

The exhibition of St Petersburg artists’ works was opened with a presentation during which the speeches were made by the author of “Creative World” project Viacheslav Zarenkov, Honorary Council of Sweden, Norway and Denmark in Varna, Chairman of the Rotary-Club “Varna” Konstantin Daradanov, artist, exhibitor, Chairman of the Pictorial Art Section of St Petersburg Commonwealth of Artists Andrey Bazanov, Professor of Sociology and Regional Economy of the Baltic University of Ecology, Politics and Law Oleg Andreev and he poet, journalist, member of the Union of Russian Writers Olga Andreeva-Martova; the presentation was also attended by representatives of business community, scientific, educational and cultural institutions. Upon completion of the exhibition work all forty six pictures were placed in apartment hotel “Golden Line” located in the very center of the Golden sands resort and then they went to St Petersburg.