Plain-air in Belarus

The artists of Viacheslav Zarenkov project “Creative world” arranged a plain-air, which took place in Belarus in July, 2016.

St. Petersburg masters visited Vitebsk, manor of I. E. Repin – Zdrawneva, also they visited Polotsk, Orsha and Minsk. Picturesque sketches were created by artists in the Convent of the Patronage of the Mother of God in Tolochin, village Khoduly, in Mirsky Castle Complex and Nesvizh Castle.

Belarus enchanted the visitors from the city on Neva by its geniality, amiability and hospitability. Everyone felt as if they were at home, and they all left with a strong desire to go back some day.

The plain-air in Belarus was concluded with exhibition of paintings in Orsha and Minsk.