Julia Zarenkova

She was born on May 7, 1977 in Leningrad.
In 2004 she graduated from the Architecture Faculty of the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin.
Studied under teachers V.A. Ukhova, J.K. Mityureva, O. Kharchenko.
Architectress, designer, painter.
In 2011 she was awarded an honorary diploma of the Mayor of Limassol Andreas Christou (Cyprus).
Since 2013 – a member of the Russian Union of Artists.
Member of many Russian and international exhibitions.
His works are exhibited in galleries and private collections in Russia and abroad.


Впечатления художницы о поездке на Кипр:

I have been to Cyprus and not once as we come here every year. Why Cyprus? It is a phenomenal island with mild climate, hospitable kind people, warm gentle sea and abundance of Orthodox churches that makes it so home-like and attracts Russian people here. But I would say as an artist: the first thing that stroke me was colors of the island. Of course, Cyprus by its character is far from our nature. Russian nature means carvel pines rushing up into the sky, boundless fields of cornflowers and daisywheels, blue mirror of the forest lake... Cyprus is absolutely different. Colors here are especially bright at the end of autumn, in winter and in early spring when the sun is gentle and does not pour you over with scorching heat, flowers are in blossom, fruits get ripe and everything as if comes to life.
In Cyprus there are thousands of extremely beautiful places. When we were travelling by bus at times I wanted to jump out of the running bus and start drawing right at that place. Once our friend – artist did it: he went out of the bus earlier than the rest of the team, went into the mountains and we had to look for him on our way back as artists sometime are so absorbed that even do not hear the telephone ring :)
On the island there are a great number of beautiful churches and monasteries. Our group was lucky to visit two of them: Kykkos and Stavrovouni. When painting a church or a monastery there is a feeling that something valuable and important is entrusted to you. And you come up to painting with special care may be because of the fact that this place is especially affected with the God’s presence and your soul bears a great responsibility for the picture.
I had loved Cyprus even before this journey but after I painted my works it opened to me from the other part. I realized how great and boundless the vastness might be even though the island is not large but the feeling when you see running horses against the immense blue sky and wild waves is absolutely unusual.
Of course, there are so many beautiful places in Cyprus that I will have never managed to paint them all so I will always be attracted to this beautiful island with brushes and canvass.

Julia Zarenkova


Впечатления художницы о поездке в Сербию:

For a long time I wanted to visit Serbia as I heard that it is a beautiful place with green hills and forests but I could not imagine that it is so beautiful. It is a strong country with not simple destiny in many ways related to our nation, with people strong in spirit, not indifferent to the destiny of their motherland, loving their land and believing in God.
The more you penetrate into the heart of the country, the closer you familiarize yourself with its open spaces, landscape, the better you understand the relation between people and nature, intuitively understanding why exactly people of such character were born here and dance such dances.For an artist it is very important to feel this harmony. It is impossible to paint a good picture without penetrating into the spirit, history, culture of the country or even a small settlement.
Telling about the country I cannot but mention the people who are benevolent and open. Passers-by always come to the artists on plain air and I have already got accustomed with it. They are all different: some of them look awkwardly at the picture, others, more courageous and interested in painting start admiring, asking questions or may immediately offer to buy the work.
In Serbia I was especially amazed with children. I had painted in other countries before but in Serbia as nowhere else it was evident how they liked painting. They came and asked questions what paints and thinners I used. One boy spent almost an hour standing near me and observing with a serious expression on his face trying to remember the painting technique.
One vendor from the souvenir shop seeing that I had been painting for several hours called me into his shop. There he suddenly started showing me pictures and numerous souvenirs. He had some baked foods on sale and he treated me with a pie probably thinking that artists are always hungry. Serbia is a splendid country, rich in history, kind and beautiful people.

Julia Zarenkova