Olga Krasnoperova

Born on January 4, 1957 in Leningrad.
In 1977 she graduated from the Leningrad Art College named after Serov.
In 1989 she graduated from the Philological Faculty of the Ural State University.
Since 2005 - Director of Advertising Department of the Central Office of Real Estate LenSpetsSMU.
Member of many Russian and international exhibitions.
Her works are in galleries and private collections in Russia and abroad.

    Czech Republic

The impression of the woman artist about her trip to Serbia:

Journey to Serbia was amazingly eventful and extremely interesting. The goal of the journey was to get acquainted with culture and history of the country, visit national parks, ancient monasteries and fortresses. The artists from St Petersburg expressed their impressions in paintings.
Over a short period of time we went through almost all Serbia. We visited both the north and south of the country. Over this time each of us painted several pictures. Day after day we got more inspired with patriotic genius of the Serbians. Our guide Radule, local inhabitants, Pater Sergius and many other people contributed to it.
We visited the most beautiful places, familiarized ourselves with Orthodox relics, and painted everything that seemed interesting: cathedrals, monasteries, ancient fortresses, the Danube, Serbian settlements. In Serbia we felt at home. We did not have any barriers in communication, everyone was glad to see us and local inhabitants met us with wine and bread. With all their actions people made it clear that the Russians are their kindred and we are of the same religion. Great trust in us and our country was felt. Russia for them is a large state, big brother that always protects and provides assistance in difficult times.
Thanks to the Project of Viacheslav Zarenkov “Creative World” I have returned into arts and begun to paint. It is very pleasant to work with real professionals. Every artist has his/ her own manner of execution and special hand writing. It is a real school. The time flew very quickly and in spite of intensive mode of work – we painted from dawn till dusk – I felt a great creative inspiration I had never felt even in my student’s years when I had to paint a lot. At times when my hand did not want to obey and painted something wrong I was very angry with myself but it evoked even greater persistency and desire to achieve a good result. This trip and everything that we saw and experienced together made us very close. We did not want to part away. Unfortunately, life in a metropolitan city does not provide much time for painting even during holidays it is difficult to devote yourself to creative work. My great thanks to “Creative World” project for this opportunity it provided to us.

Olga Krasnoperova