Natalia Beketova

Born on April 30, 1988 in Leningrad.
In 2006 she graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academic Art Lyceum named after B.V.Johansson at Russian Academy of Arts.
In 2012 she graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin.
In 2001 and 2006 she was awarded the gold medals of the Russian Academy of Arts.
In 2003 she won the contest of St. Petersburg State Academic Art Lyceum devoted to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.
In 2008 she received a diploma of the third degree in the competition "The Great Victory" of Russian Academy of Arts.
Since 2013 – a member of Russian Union of Artists.
Member of Russian and international exhibitions.
Her works are exhibited in galleries and private collections in Russia, Germany, France, Holland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Japan.

    Czech Republic

The impression of the artist about his trip to Serbia:

I think that for me as well as for the majority of the group little-known Serbia has not only become a bit closer and understandable but what is more, it has touched the quickest strings of the soul having left an imprint for the whole life. I would like to start with these words as they particularly express the depth of impressions received for two weeks of our exposure to Serbia, the Balkans, and former Yugoslavia.
First of all I would focus on my subjective perception and so I can say that for me Serbia is not Belgrade as Russia is not St Petersburg or Moscow. Serbia is rural coloration in the first place. It means people living in their world rent from the reality that caught them during the years of the last war. It is the spirit that is so close to Russian people that I do not want to associate it only with belonging to Orthodoxy.
Almost daily movements were for me the guaranty of maximum concentration of forces on every work – instant outburst of emotions and impressions into the canvas. I think that thanks largely to intensive tempo of our “marathon” my works absorbed and manifested cute subjective vision of Serbian landscapes.
Serbia cannot leave anyone cold especially after exposure to it in beneficial conditions created by “Creative World Project. And I am tremendously pleased to be a part of its history.

Natalia Beketova