Sergey Arno represented his book created... under the water.

On November 29, 2016 in Saint Petersburg, in the Writers’ Center located at 22 Zvenigorodskaya street presentation of the new book written by Sergey Arno called“Notes of the Travelling Writer. About diving and Ancient Civilizations" was held.

The book of well-known St. Petersburg writer was published under the aegis of International Social and cultural Project of Viacheslav Zarenkov “Creative World”.

At a meeting in the Writers’ CenterSergey Arno told audience about origin of the book: "I t all started in autumn 2014 when Natalia Berzina called me and offered to participate in “Following the trail of Calypso”Project.

Before that I considered myself to be a white-collar.I had not travelled a lot, and was wary of extreme trips. Therefore that call significantly changed my writer’s fate”.

“Notes of the Travelling Writer” were made by Sergey Arno during his trips as a member of a diving group to France, Egypt, Sudan, Monaco, and Costa-Rica and they are based on his impressions from them.

In addition, their author was not just a sideliner accompanying the group of professional researchers of sea bottom, but he could dive himself and became an integral part of the group.

Sergey Arno told that during the first diving a new coming diverperforms a kind of initiation ceremony. The nature stipulates that a human being cannot breath under the water – such attempts result in death. In addition, during last breaths, blood gives a powerful adrenaline rush aimed to make death sufferings easier. In case of skin-divers – they are able to breath successfully under water, butat the same time adrenaline rush takes place. However death does not follow. Rather, it can be said that death is overcome. And from this moment a “new life” is started– life of the diver who views the life in another way.

“After first breaths under the water something unbelievable occurs – suddenly everything becomes clear! You start to see and feel in another way. It’s impossible to express! Feelings are stronger when even you are bailing our”, the book author share.

In his “Notes” Sergey Arno tells about diving and dangerous currents, night shark hunt near Coco uninhabited piratic island –actually stuffed with treasures, about shipwreck, unforgettable meetings, special, different from terrestrial life, dangerous and beautiful space of the underwater world.

You can buy the book in the Book Store of the writer located at the address 66 Nevsky avenue.