World through the Eyes of Artists

At the center of St. Petersburg, in renovated Manege CEH unique exhibition “World through the Eyes of Artists” was held from the 2nd to the 13th of November.

This exhibition is a result of five-year work of the international social and cultural project of Viacheslav Zarenkov “Creative World”.

At the opening day of the exhibition author of the project, Viacheslav Zarenkov, noted as follows, «You are present at opening of actually unique exhibition “World through the Eyes of Artists”. Studying a provided large-scale exposition you will be able to make an exciting trip all over the world: to see nature, culture, and way of life in countries visited by us; to feel friendly attitude of their residents to Russian people, their good nature, hospitality, and kind heartedness; to appreciate beauty and largeness of human soul of all common people in the world. Contemplating works of foreign painters produced in different regions of our Great Motherland, I’m sure you will feel pride in our country.

Objective of the Creative World Project is to show that each person has a right to peace and happiness; to demonstrate how magnificent our plant is, and to remind us, living on this planet, that we must preserve it using every effort. People must create and build uprather than conflict. Dear friends, create, and by your creations make this world a bit better, and people — more good-hearted andfriendly. May God grand you all health, peace, and happiness!”.

Opening of the exhibition was visited by Governor of Saint Petersburg Georgiy Poltavchenko and Chairman of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov.

In his welcoming speech the city executive noted that St. Petersburg had been created by painters and architects from all over the world, and even Manege building where paintings were exhibited had been designed by famous Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi.

— This fact represents a good link of times as St. Petersburg residents can appreciate art of any nation, any country which brings joy and twinkles, mentioned the Governor.

After Georgiy Poltavchenko’s speech Chairman of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov greeted guests:

— Certainly, this exhibition is people’s diplomacy as so many countries, so many painters, so many people gathered here. It is really that diplomacy which tells: we are for peace, we must live in peace and we must enjoy its beauty.

In addition, guests of the opening were businessmen, people of art, actors, painters, including painters of the Creative World Project, authors of the exhibited paintings.

— Opened in Manege exhibition is a gift of Creative World Project to Saint Petersburg, all residents and guests of the Northern Capital. It is the first time for five years that significant part of a unique collection of modern open-air painting which had been partially exhibited in Russian and abroad is represented at one platform, – Nataliya Berzina, Director of the Creative World Fund told.

— This exhibition, surely, is one of essential projects within scopes of cultural life of St. Petersburg, – Andrey Bazanov, participant of the Creative World Project, is certain. – It gained great resonance among public, not only people of art. At the time when most people in the country split down and conflict, we, the painters, help them to join hands, and the exhibition in Manege also facilitates to that.

Exhibition «World through the Eyes of Artists» joined 750 fine art paintings of Russian and foreign authors having occupied two floors of Manege CEH. The ground floor is dedicated to expeditions of painters to remote countries. Works painted by our fellow national in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain are represented.

On the first floor works created in Belarus and Russia are located. These works are really special. Saint Petersburg, Moscow, cities of the Golden Ring, Samara, Kizhi, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions,Krasnoyarsk Territory broke upon audience on canvasses of foreign masters who due to the Creative World Project managed to visit our country and work here.

A separate exposition of the exhibition was dedicated to cooperation of the Creative World Project and the Imperial Porcelain Factory provided an opportunity to the painters to imprint the brightest memories about their expeditions all over the world on white-snow porcelain.

Visitors of the exhibition were able to see works of such painters as Viktor Yamschikov, Latif Kazbekov, Alexander Zagoskin, Ivan Tarasyuk, Andrey Bazanov, Elena Bazanova, Andrey Kavrizhkin, Pavel Pokidyshev, Alexander Grishin, Viktor Tikhomirov, Dmitriy Shagin, Vladimir Shinkarev, and others. Fine art paintings of Viacheslav Zarenkov, author of the Creative World Project were also a part of the exhibition.

Within scopes of the exhibition a large-scale additional events were organized: round-table discussions, painting master classes for children, meet-the-artist events and concerts of musicians and music bands. On different days in Manezh Terem-Kvartet and Moroshka bands, Saks-Town band, Neva Music string quartet, Verasy Belorussian Vocal and Instrumental Group, Ksyusha Arsenieva and Co., Yurii Okhochinskiy and Afina performed.

Fifteen thousands of residents and guests of Saint Petersburg visited Manege during the exhibition period.