The Arctic Circle through the Eyes of Contemporary Artists

The ceremonial opening of the exhibition “The Arctic Circle through the eyes of contemporary artists” took place at the Murmansk regional museum of local lore on July 28, 2016.

Such artists as Elshad Ahmadov (Azerbaijan), Juan Chu-Mei (Taiwan), Luo Xi (China), Cristobal Makrosti (Chile), Stanislav Miroshnikov (Russia), Liana Perepelitsyna (Russia), Juan Haoven (China), Zhou Chzhanke (China) Lun Zhi (China), Chen Yangju (China) were involved in this opening.

This picturesque canvases were created by artists during the plain-air exhibition on the Kola Peninsula that was held before this exhibition took place.

The exhinition grabbed the attention of many visitors. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Culture and Art in Murmansk Region A. V. Barannikov, Director of the exhibition hall of Murmansk N.I. Emelina, Head of the Foundation "Creative world" N. G. Berzina, artist, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Honored artist of Russia A. G. Feofelaktov.