On the 1st July, 2014 the grand opening of exhibition "Switzerland through the eyes of Russian artists" was held in Kultur Arena exhibition hall in Bern.

The exhibition presented works of Petersburg artists Evgeniy Antipov, Pavel Antipov, Alexander and Antonina Volodchenko, Anzhelika Grishina, Dmitry Egupov, Julia and Anastasia Zarenkova, Olga Krasnoperova, Anna Markarian, Alexei Pashin, Vladimir and Mariya Perkhun.

The exhibition opened at the presentation, which was held by the author and head of the project "Creativ World" Viacheslav Adamovich Zarenkov, cultural attaché of Embassy of the Russian Federation in Switzerland Elena Arkhipova, founder of company «Open Up» Valery Bobrov, as well as representatives of the Union of Russian Artists.

In his speech V. A. Zarenkov mentioned: "Before trip to Switzerland we visited five countries, and it so happened that in these countries the effects of conflicts are still making felt themselves: Cyprus - as a result of contradictions island territory is divided into Turkish and Greek parts, Serbia - consequences of Yugoslavia demise, the Czech Republic - separation of former Czechoslovakia into two countries, mass protest demonstrations in Greece and Bulgaria. We wanted to visit the country, where multilingual population has coexisted peacefully for a long time, where all major decisions are taken indeed in a democratic way, and the opinion of each resident is considered. Switzerland - is precisely such a country".