On October 9, 2012 exhibition “Serbia through the Eyes of Russian Artists” opened within the frames of Viacheslav Zarenkov’s project “Creative World” the Russian House in Belgrade. The exhibition presented works of St Petersburg artists Yevgeny Antipov, Andrey and Elena Bazanovs, Natalia Beketova, Alexander and Anzhela Grishins, Dmitry Egupov, Julia Zarenkova, Pyotr Konosh, Olga Krasnoperova and Victor Tikhomirov.

The exhibition was opened with a presentation during which the speeches were given by founder and head of “Creative World” project Viacheslav Zarenkov, Director of the Russian House in Belgrade Mikhail Denisov, Attaché for Cultural relations of the Russian Embassy in Serbia Alexander Konanykhin, Director of central exhibition Hall “Manezh” in St Petersburg Kirill Kuzmin as well as artists - participants of the exhibition. In his speech Viacheslav Zarenkov said: “Over the last decades many negative trends have been formed in the world. The nations are getting disunited and conflict with each other. Violence and cruelty are being encouraged in the mass media with increasing frequency and ethnic conflicts are incited up … “Creative World” project is intended to bring people of different nationalities and from different countries together with the help of art, set kindness, good morals, honesty and decency against violence. A person is born for happiness and this right is deserved by everyone. And the earth has enough space for everyone.”