Cyprus through the Eyes of Russian Artists

On May 17, the Atrium of the peter-and-Paul Fortress held official opening ceremony of Exhibition “Cyprus through the Eyes of Russian Artists”. The exhibition presented works of St Petersburg artists Andrey Bazanov, Alexander Grishin, Dmitry Egupov, Julia Zarenkova and Victor Yamshchikov.

Pictures presented at the exhibition are dedicated to Cyprus – an amazing island with ancient history attracting travellers, tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. The exposition presents more than 100 works of pictorial art and photographs prepared by St Petersburg artists and photographers depicting beautiful Cyprian landscapes, ancient cathedrals and monasteries with fresco painting of the 12th-15th centuries included into the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites.

The Mayor of Limassol Andreas Christou told that in works of Russian artists he and his compatriots saw their own country in a new light. He noted that the exhibition and paintings donated by artists had a great significance for both countries intensively developing friendly relations.