Exhibition of Children’s Drawings “Cats of St. Petersburg”

On December 25, 2014 the Exhibition Hall of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists (B. Morskaya st., 38) held the exhibition of children’s drawings “Cats of St. Petersburg”.

“Cats of St. Petersburg” is a joint project of Public Charitable Movement “Golden Pelican” and Viacheslav Zarenkov’s Fund “Creative World”.

You may ask why cats have been chosen. Certainly, it is no coincidence.

Cats will touch the feelings of everyone. They are beautiful, clever, charming and graceful. And alongside with that they are enigmatic – there is no one who happened to puzzle out the mystery of a penetrating gaze of the cat as if it can see other worlds.

Coming to the human house cats bring positive energy with them. For a good reason there is a tradition when moving to a new house a cat in particular should enter it.

Cats take a special place in life of our city: the whole history of St Petersburg – Leningrad is inseparably connected with them.

Famous cats of the Hermitage who have been kept in the territory of the Winter Palace since the date when it was founded by the Empress Elizabeth of Russia. Thanks to cats’ care for almost three hundred years many museum valuables have been preserved until our time.

In the blockaded Leningrad cats saved vital food reserves from rats for which reason inhabitants of the besieged but not broken-down city called them the “fluffy division”.

In commemoration of those difficult days in the twenty first century two bronze monuments to cats were erected in Malay Sadovaya Street. Yelisey and Vasilisa, sitting on pedestals opposite one another, preserve their city as in the past.

It is impossible to imagine St Petersburg without its cat’s bridges: Bridge of Four Lions, Bank Bridge and Egyptian Bridge.

Many residents of St. Petersburg are big fans of cats but certainly the greatest fans of fluffy pets are children.

In children’s drawings cats of St. Petersburg are extremely kind and merry, mischievous and matron-like, realistic and fairylike. But the most important thing is that all of them together with their authors they bring into our city and our world a particle of harmony, kindness and warmth.

At the formal opening of the Exhibition in Bolshaya Morskaya young authors were awarded with commemorative diplomas of contestants and albums of drawings “Cats of St. Petersburg” published by the “Creative World” Fund.

Let the cats drawn by our children become another kind symbol of a magnificent city of St. Petersburg!