Aura of the Christmas

On December 12, 2013 Boutique Center “Aura” held the festive pre-New year event “Aura of the Christmas”.

The program of events included presentations of shops of Boutique Center “Aura”, concert program, theater show, prize drawing and festive fireworks.The central part of the festival was opening of picture exhibition “World through the Eyes of Russian Artists. Czech Republic. Greece” as well as exhibition of pictures of the legend of the world stage stars Karel Gott. The official opening ceremony included speeches of Viacheslav Zarenkov President, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Etalon Group, Gennady Shcherbina Director General of CJSC LenSpetsSMU and Andrey Bazanov Chairman of Fine Art Section of St Petersburg Commonwealth of Artists.

In his speech Viacheslav Zarenkov noted the necessity to develop constructive creativity and sharing cultural experience in modern conditions especially emphasizing the importance of supporting abilities of beginning artists making their first steps in the world of art. Director of “Creative World” Fund Natalia Berezina told about the picture exhibition on the third floor of “Aura” Center.

The exposition presents works of St Petersburg painters Yevgeny Antipov, Andrey and Elena Bazanovs, Natalia Beketova, Alexander Grishin, Raushan Gubaydullin, Dmitry Egupov, Viacheslav Zarenkov, Julia Zarenkova, Vladimir Zenin, Alexander Zimin, Andrey Kavrizhkin, Olga Krasnoperova, Pyotr Konosh, Anastasia and Liana Perepelitsins, Pavel Podkidyshev, Victor Tikhomirov, Galina Filimonova and Victor Yamshchikov.

The Czech Republic and Greece. The artists visited these countries not long ago, in 2013. During creative expeditions painters from the Northern Capital studied history, culture and traditions, made acquaintances with people and expressed their impressions, emotions, vision of these countries in canvases.

More than two hundred pictures in total were created as the result of two artistic plain airs arranged by “Creative World” Project in 2013 by painters from St Petersburg.

Creative expeditions to the Czech Republic and Greece finished with expeditions at significant venues of cultural capital centers of Prague and Athens.

It is the first time the pictures created by artists of “Creative World” Project have been exhibited in the Czech Republic and Greece.