Viacheslav Zarenkov was awarded a Patriarch’s Certificate    

On July 13, 2015 at the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint Petersburg it was held a feast's liturgy after which Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus' Kirill triumphantly presented certificates to honoured guests and persons who worked for the good of the Russian Orthodox Church. Viacheslav Zarenkov was among those who were awarded with the Patiarch’s Certificates. He was noted for restoration of a small village where holly pious Ioann of Kronstadt was born – Sura of Arkhangelsk region.

Ioann of Kronstadt was born at North village Sura in 1829. He graduated from Saint Petersburg Ecclesiastical Academy. In 1855 he was consecrated and during fifty three years to his death in 1909 he was serving at Saint Andrew's Cathedral, Kronstadt.

Annually Father Ioann came to Sura and drawn great attention to development of his native village. In 1889 a site for a new church was sanctified. A magnificent white-stone temple in the Byzantine style was constructed in the name of Saint Nicolas and sanctified in June 1891.

In 1899 at Sura Ioann of Kronstadt blessed establishment of a community that a year after acquired a status of Ioann Bogoslov nunnery. For a period of nunnery existence it was erected a wooden building with cells for nuns, a wooden church in the name of Apostle and Evangelic Ioann Bogoslov, a stone building for a Mother Superior, stone nunnery bathhouse, hotel for pilgrims and a splendid stone Assumption Cathedral with three limits.

After the Revolution in 1921 the nunnery was closed. Nuns and priests suffered severe persecution.

During the 1990-ies it was started restoration of the lost. Viacheslav Zarenkov made a great contribution to revival of sanctities located at Sura Ioann nunnery participating in design and construction works of the young cloister. With his support it was developed a design of two-storey house of father Georgiy Makkaveev, nunnery priest and assistant of Ioann of Kronstadt. Today on the first floor of the building it is opened a functioning home church in honour of holly pious Ioann of Kronstadt.

In spring 2015 with assistance of Viacheslav Zarenkov it was installed oak entrance door in Nikolskiy Church at Sura. Today all pilgrims and parishioners of the church are blessed by holly Nicholas the Wonderworker from an icon installed over the new door.

In August 2012 within scopes of International Social and Cultural Project organized by Viacheslav Zarenkov “Creative World” artists from Saint Petersburg visited Sura. As a result of their visit it was created a number of pictures devoted to this place. Today the pictures are presented to Sura nunnery.

This year 25 years passed from apotheosis of Ioann of Kronstadt in community of Saints by the Russian Orthodox Church. With assistance of Viacheslav Zarenkov it was published book “Holly Pious Ioann of Kronstadt” devoted to this remarkable date, introduction to which was written by Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus' Kirill.