Viacheslav Zarenkov became the Holder of European Trebbia Award

The author of “Creative World” project Viacheslav Zarenkov has become the holder of European Trebbia award for outstanding contribution into development of culture and arts. The award was presented in march, 2014 in Prague.

Trebbia award was established in 2000 by International Gallery Miro founded in 1987 in Berlin to support arts, creative and humanitarian activities. Annual delivery of the European Trebbia Award is one of the high-prestige events of the Czech capital.

In different years many outstanding art figures were given Trebbia Award. In 2010 Elena Obraztsova was among the award holders. In 2011 the European Trebbia Award for contribution into development of dialogue of cultures was delivered to Oleg Tabakov, People’s Artist of the USSR, Art Director of Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and own theater-studio. In 2012 the award was given to Olga Kabo, Emeritus Artist of the Russian Federation for her creative activity.

Earlier this award was given to Ronnie Wood, guitarist of Rolling Stones, Bob Geldof, musician and public figure as well as Robert Descharnes – biographer and photographer of Salvador Dali.