Create Against all Odds

In December 2015 “Golden Bay” held the opening of the exhibition “World through the Eyes of Russian Artists. France. Cyprus” participated by fourteen masters of pictorial art from St Petersburg. All these artists have been taking part in the social and cultural project “Creative World” for several years and within this project they go to foreign countries, where they paint plan-air landscapes, sometimes together with the artists living in these countries. During the last journey “the creators” visited cities in France and Cyprus and brought home more than one hundred canvases, the majority of which were presented to the public at this particular exhibition.

The sea shore with the clouds drifting above it, the road twisting amid the trees, a small ancient temple, or the field full of flowers… The subjects of the pictures presented at the exhibition are diverse, but all of them have something in common: all of them are as if impregnated with the sun light, as if they emanate the warmth of sun rays. Even if you are not a painting connoisseur, it becomes clear that all these canvases were produced in a very joyful and light mood. And it is hardly surprising, as during the journey the atmosphere in the group of artists was very friendly and heartwarming, as well as during the last journeys of such kind to other countries from which the participants also brought very sunny and light, in every meaning of this word, landscapes.

“In spite of complicated political situation in the world, during our journeys around Europe people everywhere met us in a very friendly and benevolent manner. The situation has been the same this time, in Cyprus and France, as well as last time, in Italy,” said Viacheslav Zarenkov. “I am sure that the artist using his/her creative work is able to stand up against the negative emotions and perceptions created by politicians. We confront them by our cultural events; we make the dialogue between different countries and different nations possible. The peace in the world is the most important thing for the people. And we, creative people, are able and ought to contribute to it.”

“I consider that all my pictures that are exhibited here are very good. At times, I look at one of these pictures and think that it is the best of my works, then I look at another one, and it seems that it is the best and so on,” admitted artist Victor Tikhomirov. “And I can say the same about canvases of other participants. Generally speaking, all of our works presented here are very bold. Nowadays in the art work it is fashionable to show destruction or hold different performances, and draw attention to oneself by any means. To paint simply the things you like and to convey the beauty of this world is not popular now, and you should be bold enough to go against the public opinion and continue painting in this manner.”

Regular visitors of exhibitions in “Golden Bay” and Director of the Creative World Fund Natalia Berzina noted that the artistic level of the pictures exhibited here is growing year by year. It was also proved by Viacheslav Zarenkov, who said that the project “is gathering pace”.

A clip from a recently shot film about the Creative World Project was also shown at the exhibition’s opening, and singer and composer Yury Okhochinsky rendered several of his songs, including the anthem “Creative World” about the artists and their creative work. After that, the artists had an opportunity to tell the exhibition visitors about their pictures and share their creative plans for the future. Viacheslav Zarenkov also took part in the conversation on this topic.

“In actual fact, painting pictures is simple,” shared the project’s organizer his ideas with other artists. “You need to get up at six in the morning, take about twenty kilos of different things you cannot do without in painting, go somewhere a long ways from home, and just paint pictures for the whole day, and quite often in the rain. You will surely have some good pictures among the canvases painted.”