Viacheslav Zarenkov became Chief of the Year

On October 14 the Grand Hall of the D.D. Shostakovich St Petersburg Academic Philharmonia held the official award ceremony of the laureates of the 7th independent business-prize “Chief of the Year”. President of Etalon GC Viacheslav Zarenkov was awarded in category “Chief-Philantropist” for establishment and active promotion of international social and cultural project “Creative World”.

Viacheslav Zarenkov’s project “Creative World” started in 2011. Major goals of the project: propaganda of constructive creativity, development of cultural relations and sharing constructive creativity. “Creative World” project includes construction and restoration of Orthodox churches, patronage of children’s institutions, publishing of books and albums in history and art, support of gifted artists, writers and actors. Within the frames of “creative World” project creative expeditions of Russian artists abroad are conducted according to results of which exhibitions are held, picture catalogues and photographs are published.

In 2011 painters from St Petersburg visited Cyprus, in 2012 – Bulgaria and Serbia, in 2013 – the Czech Republic and Greece. As the result, more than 400 pictures were created, arts exhibitions were held in the countries of visit and in Russia. In 2013 within the frames of the project first showings of two feature films: “English Russian” and “Chapaev Chapaev” were held.