Domes above the Drut

On February 16, 2017, at the site of Creative World Foundation in the residential complex "Golden Harbor" a presentation of Nikolay Koniaiev’s two-volume edition “Domes above the Drut” took place.

The book was published in St. Petersburg in "Polaks" publishing house in 2016.

The two-volume book is dedicated to the history of Belarusian Sviato-Pokrovsky Tolochin Monastery in a court yard of which Napoleon burned the banners of his army during his departure from Russia.

Here in Tolochin, many other events also took place, which, although they did not go beyond the boundaries of the town, gained a state or even a European significance.

The book also tells the story of events that were happening away from Tolochin, but in a way influenced the monastery dragging it into the flow of world history.

A large role in the book is given to the history of relations between Orthodoxy and Catholi-cism, Rzeczpospolita and Russia, without the knowledge of which it is difficult to understand some aspects of modern relations between Russia, Belarus and Poland.

Nikolay Koniaev gives interesting, never before published documents, showing how the atti-tude to Orthodoxy among senior government officials of the Russian Empire was changing. He tells about the fate of the great religious figures as Metropolitan Joseph Semashko, shows the role played by the monastery during the Soviet years.

For centuries, the majestic domes of Sviato-Pokrovsky Tolochin Monastery were reflected in the waters of the ancient Drut connecting earthly city and heavenly cities with invisible threads.

But in order to support them, it took the efforts and prayers of many people. And, above all, the current hegumeness of the monastery Anfisa (Liubchak) and Viacheslav Adamovich Zarenkov must be mentioned.

Speaking at the presentation of Nikolay Koniaiev’s book, V. A. Zarenkov described how he, being a schoolboy got to Tolochin and saw the dilapidated building of the temple...

Foreword by Viacheslav Zarenkov for a two-volume Nikolay Koniaiev's book has been read by a host Mikhail Krylov in which he recalls the horror experienced in childhood, when the cross was being dropped from a temple in their village. At home, with tears in his eyes, he described what he saw, and his grandmother said, reassuring and comforting him, that everything will be fine...

“You, my grandson, will restore many churches and install a lot of crosses. And, God grant, you will build new churches! Just do not lose faith in God”.

This prediction of grandmother Axinya came true: Viacheslav Zarenkov restored many churches, many new churches he built with the help of God.

Golden domes of Sviato-Pokrovsky female monastery in Tolochin were risen from the depths of Slavic history centuries and shone upon the waters of the ancient Drut thanks to his work.