Presentation of the book by V. Yakovenko "Breakdown. A Century Woe"

On February 2, 2015, Saint-Petersburg House of Writers held a presentation of the book by V. Yakovenko "Breakdown. A Century Woe"

Vasily Timofeevich Yakovenko is a Belorussian writer. Since 1977, he has been a member of the Writers' Union of the Belorussian SSR and the USSR.

In 2006, the trilogy by V. Yakovenko "Breakdown. A Century Woe" was published in his homeland in the native language of the author and was a great success in Belarus.

In Russia, the book was published in Russian for the first time.

"Breakdown. A Century Woe", originally in Belorussian "Pakutny vek", is a large-scale literary work creating a complete picture of the people's life throughout the XXth century, with retrospective deepening in the old days.

The day before the presentation, there was a meeting of Vasily Yakovenko with a Saint-Petersburg writer, Daniil Granin, who praised the works of the Belorussian author.

An evening with V. Yakovenko at the House of Writers was opened by director of the institution Vladimir Malyshev and Doctor of Economics, Professor Viacheslav Zarenkov, thanks to whom the book presented was published in Russia.

Mikhail Anikin, a writer, Ph.D. in History of Arts, senior research fellow of the State Hermitage, the editor of the literary almanac "Petersburg Stanza", made a report on the creative work of V.T. Yakovenko.

The event was also attended by Sergey Misuragin, Advisor of the Saint-Petersburg Branch of the Republic of Belarus Embassy, and Boris Orlov, Chairman of the Saint-Petersburg branch of the Writers' Unions of Russia.