Police Day Present

An unusual present was given by police officers to 300 senior pupils from several schools of Saint-Petersburg on the eve of the Internal Affairs Officer’s Day. Teenagers were invited to the Administration of the MIA of Russia for Primorskiy District Open Day where they had an excursion to different divisions of the Administration and the way they operated as well as received a book “When I Grow up I’ll Serve in the Police” by Irina Lisova published by Polyandria publishing house with the support of Creative World Foundation of Viacheslav Zarenkov.

This book describes a real situation how the cadet class students of School No.109 assisted police officers in arresting a criminal. Readers can learn many interesting facts about the duties of police officers with different specialties, as such district police officers, investigators, dog handlers and many others. The book will come as a surprise to those who get used to judge the police by detective TV series, which have become very popular now. It tells how guardians of order indeed perform their duties without embellishments or blackening their job.

“Today many people imagine service in the police as it is depicted in modern films where police officers either drink all the time or shoot at one and all, including passersby. However, it has nothing in common with the reality,” said Deputy Head of Primorskiy District Administration German Zgibay in his address at the Open Day. “Service in the police is a very difficult sphere, and those who involved in it have to work practically without a break. Even when they have a day off or holiday, they always have to be ready to come to work when it may become necessary. Thus, there is no time to drink. And they shoot only in exceptional cases.”

The new book published by Polyandria challenges these stereotypes and shows the job of police officers as-is. Police officers were engaged in creating this book: the author and the publisher checked all the details with them to avoid pratfalls and inaccuracies.

“The author had to correct the plot several times, to visit the AMIA for Primorskiy District and the cadet class described in the novel, and to coordinate almost every word,” recalls the Director of Creative World Foundation Natalia Berzina. “It was a long-lasting and hard work, but then the book is absolutely credible.”

The book about the police is included in the series “When I Grow up I’ll…”. Several novels of this series dedicated to other professions, such as a timber and chemical specialist, a railroad man, a pilot, and a hockey player, have already been published. This series also includes a book about constructors, “When I Grow up I’ll Build Houses”, that has also been published with the support of Creative World Foundation. The Foundation will further publish such books that can help young people to choose their future professions and to be settled in life.

Besides presentation of the book, the police officers also made an excursion for their young guests. The pupils saw different divisions of the Administration of the MIA from inside and could ask questions to different specialists, such as those investigating criminal and economic offences, mine clearance specialists, dog handlers, forensic experts and many others. Riot policemen gave an exhibition performance at the parade ground especially for pupils. The teenagers visited an exhibition of arms used by police officers and were allowed to sit in a police van.

“I hope nobody will be put in this van in other circumstances,” – told the Head of Primorskiy AMIA Vladimir Shlapak as a joke before the excursion. “And in any case, you’ll have a desire to live honestly when you’ll see our work.”

Though, joking aside, Vladimir Arkadyevich warned the students that even petty offence could poison the whole life, so it should be treated seriously.

“Today such “tests”, for example, when a boy or a girl is asked to steal something from the shop have become very popular among the youngsters. Many people buy into, they try to steal and are busted,” told Shlapak, “as a result, we register them and this means that they will have never been enrolled at any good University or worked in many large companies. For example, they couldn’t serve in the police or the Federal Security Service… And all this is because they have fallen for provocations of their fellows! I strongly recommend you to think about it.”

Employee of Polyandria publishing house Olga Sviridenko told about the book as well as the cadet class of School No. 109 which pupils became the characters of the novel. The results demonstrated by the selected pupils of the tenth year of study at the end of their education exceeded all teachers’ expectations. Most of them were enrolled at the MIA University, graduated, and serve in the police. Now this class is vary famous in the city, and its pupils undertake an internship with different police divisions at the end of academic year.

Cadets that are studying in this class now were also present at the Open Day. They sang a song about the work of police officers for other pupils. After that, the procedure of applying for the MIA University was explained to the teenagers who hadn’t chosen future profession yet. It was explained that the future police officers had to study hard, and that they would have little free time. To be enrolled at the MIA University, applicants undergo rigorous selection process: they are examined at polygraph and tested for drug and alcohol consumption. Even appearance of those who wish to become police officers shall meet certain regulations: for example, it is highly undesirable that students have tattoos and piercing. On the other hand, cash allowance is paid to those who have entered this University. Students won’t have to ask pocket money of their parents. Moreover, five years of study are included in labor experience, and all graduates are employed with the police divisions of the city.

Leaving the Primorskiy AMIA, the pupils looked thoughtful and interested. Perhaps, a few years later some of them will come to work in this or any other police division of the Saint-Petersburg.