Planet Calipso: On the Ground and Under Water – Sudan and Cuba

On February 8, 2016 the press screening of the first two episodes of multi-episode documentary Planet Calipso: On the Ground and Under Water - Sudan and Cuba took place in the Great Hall of St Petersburg Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society as a part of international social and cultural project of Viacheslav Zarenkov “Creative World”.

The idea’s author is Aleksandr Ingilevich, a famous traveller, secretary of the Commission of Ocean Geography of the St Petersburg Branch of the Russian Geographic Society.

General Producer – Viacheslav Zarenkov, President of the Creative World Fund, Emeritus Builder of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

It has been 60 years since The Silent World by Jacques-Yves Cousteau was released. Several generations of people from all six continents had been watching the adventures of Cousteau’s crew on the board of the Calipso ship. Over the time of their adventures in different corners of the planet 124 films telling about exploration, development and protection of the global ocean were shot. The Aqua-Lung, underwater camera and the global television broadcasting made the exposure to the unknown, mysterious, bright and amazing underwater world possible for the widest audience.

Planet Calipso: On the Ground and Under Water Project, which consists of 20 films, will tell about the ocean exploration in the past and in the present. Together with the project participants, the audience will follow the tracks of Cousteau’s team, they will see how different the human atti-tude to the ocean has become; they will investigate the sunken vessels, coral reefs, and caves; they will learn about the experiments with underwater houses, and get acquainted with sea and ocean inhabitants.

Films are shot in France, Egypt, Sudan, Costa-Rica, Cuba and in other countries. The members of Cousteau’s team: André Laban, Ive Omer, and Christian Bonnici, specialists for global ocean exploration and scuba diving experts are interviewed.

The first film Sudan: Journey Home tells about Cousteau’s experiments on erecting the un-derwater house Precontinent II, which was conducted by this legendary sea explorer 50 years ago. The viewers will be able to see what the station looks like today, get acquainted with the experiment participants: André Laban and Christian Bonnici, and dive into the bosom of the sea together with the film crew.

The second film is dedicated to Cuba, where Cousteau shot his Cuba: Waters of Destiny in 1987. The views of beautiful underwater landscapes, corals, and sunken ships will appear on the screen. The viewers will see Sapata reserve, located on the southern coast of the island at the for-tress walls of Havana; they will listen to the stories about pirates and sugar cane plantation, which is one of the main agricultural plants of Island of Freedom.