St Petersburg Family

In 2013 Viacheslav Zarenkov’s Fund “Creative World” acted as the partner of the annual competition “St Petersburg Family” held with the support of the St Petersburg Government.

Among the great number of contestants the jury had to decide the winners in five categories: creative family, sporting family, dynasty, social partnership, international family. The selection was complicated by high standards set for the contestants: the families developing the ideas of tolerance, keeping traditions, continuing dynasties, in which children are brought up in creative and friendly atmosphere were recognized the best.

A special prize – Grand Prix of “St. Petersburg Family” competition was awarded to the family conforming to the highest requirements of the jury: holding outstanding achievements in different areas of professional and public activities, being the standard in children’s upbringing and educating. The Grand Prix holders were awarded with honorary title “Pride of St Petersburg”.

In the St. Petersburg Palace of Studying Youth in solemn environment the “Creative World” Fund awarded the winners in all categories with prizes: books and colorful albums in arts. Studying arts with the whole family is another possibility for St Petersburg families to express their creative abilities and probably to set a new family tradition which will be handed down to next generations.