Saint-Petersburg through the Eyes of Contemporary Artists

On August 28, 2015 “Golden Bay” hosted the media preview of the pictures created by artists from different countries during creative expeditions as a part of Viacheslav Zarenkov’s Project «Creative World». Canvases were created in keeping with the best traditions of the plain-airs of the 19th century: in day broadlight, under the open sky, in all weathers, in close contact with the environment. Artists from Italy, Spain and Ossetia were penetrating Russia through their creative works. Domes of the cathedral, Russian girl’s smile, and a lacy scrap that has become a part of a picture, they are not just pieces of visual impressions or recording of the things seen for a report but they are something bigger. True painting is a creative act, with new worlds being created through a creative outburst. Lively atmospheric images penetrate the artist’s heart through the eyes and in the heart they acquire new colors and senses and the heart, in its turn, is driving the hand which transfers the things imprinted into the canvas. That is how true art is born. Space becomes multidimensional and the enigma of existence is revealed in a common and habitual landscape in its depth. The artist’s palette acquires new colors and shades, individual for each landscape. Now the thread between the artist and Genio Loci is inseparable and everyone will take a piece of Russia home having left a piece of his/ her soul in return and this enriches both parties. Thus, bridges between different cultures may be built, which makes them closer to each other, by a light movement of a paint brush.

Thus, uniting people through art and creativity is seen as the principal mission of the Creative World Project.