Exhibition “With a Pen and Brush. Writers – painters of St Petersburg” opened in the Exhibition Center of the Baltic Media-Center.

Pictures are on the walls and books – on the tables. The books and pictures are signed with the same names. And it is not an occasion. The exhibition presents paintings and books of ten St Petersburg writers who are simultaneously artists. In addition the majority of them have other jobs as they are builders, doctors, physics, mathematicians, historians. Combining of talents for painting and writing is not unusual in the history of arts. Suffice it to recall illustrations made by Pushkin on the margins of his manuscripts. Valery Bryusov and Andrey Bely could paint perfectly, Maximilian Voloshin created amazing water colors, Yevgeny Charushin, better known as children’s book writer was also a book illustrator and created the whole series of prints depicting animals.

The exhibition annotation states: “Such scale of personalities was met at the Renaissance age and at the beginning of the 21st century we meet the kindred phenomena.” The vernissage participants include Viacheslav Zarenkov, the author of “Creative World” Project, within the frames of which the exhibition is held, Eduard Kochergin, Art Director of Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre, “Natsbest” literary award holder, Valery Zemskikh winner of Zabolotsky Prize, Pavel Alexeev, laureate of “Silver Pen” award, Andrey Kivinov scriptwriter of popular TV series “Ulitsy Razbitykh Fonarey” with a wife, Victoria Shervud, author of detectives for women.

Many inquisitive glances were attracted by pictures of the Czech singer Karel Gott who certainly is not the member of St Petersburg artistic society. “It is from my collection”, explained Viacheslav Zarenkov. “We with artists of “Creative World” project visited the Czech Republic and met Karel Gott and with these pictures we would like to remind about him that he is alive and healthy and still regales his admirers and has found second avocation in painting.”

Viacheslav Zarenkov in his speech also said: “I have not expected that “Creative World” Project launched less than three years ago would be so successful. By our project we would like to oppose propaganda of kindness, honesty and decency to propaganda of violence, cruelty pouring from the television screens both in the West and in Russia. Trips to different countries of the world made it possible to paint more than six hundred beautiful pictures, arrange nine exhibitions. This exhibition “By a Pen and Brush” has integrated into our concept: who else should carry ideas of the good but writers and artists.” After saying this Viacheslav Adamovich gave a potter of Oleg Rudnov, President of the Baltic Media-Group as a present.

During the official opening of the exhibition the People’s Artist of Russia Sergey Parshin read to the guests extracts from the book of Viacheslav Zarenkov “Zhenskaya Logika” (Woman’s Reason).

It should be noted that the pictures presented at the exhibition are not united with any general subject or method of execution. They are very different and still they have one feature in common, one common property, they are united by the creative origin, aspiration to make the world kinder and a bit better.