Opening of the Road of Courage Monument

On May 8, 2015, on the eve of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War the Road of Courage Monument was opened in Lisy Nos settlement.

The Road of Courage is the largest memorial in the Primorsky District of St Petersburg.

The monument is dedicated to a little-known, yet not less significant, Minor Road of Life and the exploit of the citizens of Leningrad, Lisy Nos, Gorskaya, Kronstadt, and Oranienbaum. The Minor Road of Life is the whole system of roads functioning the same way as the Road of Life coming across the frozen Lake Ladoga, which operated from November 1941 to the very liberation of Leningrad on January 27, 1944.

The monument is erected on the initiate of Viacheslav Zarenkov.

The monument’s project is developed by the native of Lisy Nos, who met the War being a 12-year boy, sculptor Victor Novikov.

The monument depicts a soldier holding a lighting lantern, a symbol of life in the blockaded city, in his hand. Behind the monument there are four granite steles with bass-relieves representing the events of the Great War recollected by the sculptor.