73rd anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the blockade

The Creative World Foundation congratulated the veterans on the 73rd anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the blockade

On the eve of the 73rd anniversary of the complete lifting of the blockade of Leningrad the Creative World Foundation held a meeting with residents of a care home for war and labor veterans No 2.

The meeting was very sincere. They were having some tea with cakes, listening to a concert, reading poetry, looked through books, shared their memories…

By tradition, an actress of the Experimental Theater of the Story Olga Gorlenkova performed first, reading a poem by Yuri Voronov "It’s war again". These lines tell very accurately and strikingly that it is important not to forget the history and to always remember the heroism of those who gave us the pleasure of living in peace:

It's war again,

It's blockade again...

Or maybe we should forget about them?

I sometimes hear:

“Why would you reopen the wound?”


I'm not worried in vain

To not forget that war:

After all, this memory is our conscience.

We need it as our strength.

Young singer Katya Samoynovskaya from the Palace of Children's Crafts of the Petrograd district sang "May Waltz", accompanied by accordionist Oleg Petrishchev. The veterans really liked the song "Smuglyanka" performed by a young singer Leonid Konstantinovsky.

Then the children's brass band came on stage. Those present recalled the time when brass bands often performed in gardens and parks of Leningrad…

The veterans were moved, and rewarded the performers with well-merited applause.

One of the residents of the care home Galina Novikova unexpectedly gave sweets to young actors.

“I was listening to you, and the tears in my eyes couldn't dry out”, Galina Pavlovna said. “I was nine years old at the beginning of the war…”.

“Dear veterans, survivors of siege! We heartily congratulate you on this important for St. Petersburg-Leningrad residents holiday - the Day of lifting the blockade!

This is an important day in all of the residents’ lives. Each Leningrad family has members who fought on the Leningrad front or worked in rear. We are proud of you and wish you good health, optimism, and long life!”, the President of the Creative World Foundation Viacheslav Zarenkov congratulated the veterans.