Peace, goodness and creativity to the world!




Life is learning the world.

And in the process of such learning

we should develop and improve the world,

perform useful and good work!


Viacheslav Zarenkov



 “Creative World” is an international social and cultural project of  Viacheslav Zarenkov.

Project Goals:

·           Propaganda of constructive creativity

·           Development of international cultural relations

·           Sharing creative experience

·           Assistance to young people in occupational choice

·           Charity work


Basic trends of the Project:

·      World through the eyes of Russian artists

·      Russia through the eyes of foreign artists

·      Exhibitions holding

·      Publishing activities

·      Film making

·      Music, dancing, ballet

·      Creation of new trends in arts

Growing rapidly, “Creative World” project involves more and more countries, people and trends.

For five years series creative expeditions of St.-Petersburg artists to European countries have been made. An ancient and tranquil Cyprus at first and then a sunny Bulgaria appeared on artist’s canvases and photographs. Later an exciting and emotional Serbia was embodied in canvases of St.-Petersburg artists. A beautiful and neat Czech emerged as an infant’s fairy tale where protagonists live in castles, beat the evil and drink water-of-life from forest springs. Artists visited the foremother of the European civilization – eternally wise and unrivaled in centuries Greece. In 2014 the participants of the project visited the home land of the cheese and watches − Switzerland, also they visited fascinating, feisty Italy, which stores ahistory of many centuries. In 2015 the plain-airs took place in cities and suburbs of Germany and France.In 2016 the artists made creative expedition to Spain and Belarus.


Creative expeditions of artists also involve Russia.

In August 2012 St.-Petersburg artists – participants of “Creative World” project visited the native land of Saint John of Kronstadt – Sura village located in the Pinezhsky District, Arkhangelsk Region.

Northern nature, magnificent monuments of Christian culture, life, traditions and habits of people communicated verbally with sincere affection by elder generations has been an unforgettable experience for artists from the Northern Capital.

Some pictures of St.-Petersburg artists were donated to the St John Nunnary in Sura.

In 2015 foreign artists together with Russian painters captured St Petersburg and the surrounding areas of the City on the Neva River in their canvases; in 2016 they took part in the plain-air in the towns of the Golden Ring of Russia, in the Murmansk Region, the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Kizhi.

As the result, more than one thousand pictures have been painted and more than twenty exhibitions have been arranged in Russia and abroad. Yet, new cities and countries are still waiting.

Within the frames of “Creative World” project more than twenty books and art books in history and arts have been published. In 2013 first showings of two films: “English Russian” based on collection of stories of Viacheslav Zarenkov “Sopromat” and “Chapaev Chapaev” based on the book of the artist and film-maker Victor Tikhomirov.

The first runs of orchestral versions to the ballets "Three Masks of Julius" and "Orr and Ora" based on libretto by Viacheslav Zarenkov took place in St Petersburg State Capella Choir.

“Creative World” project under the head of Viacheslav Zarenkov also includes construction and restoration of Orthodox churches, patronage of children’s institutions, support of gifted artists, writers and actors.

The author of “Creative World” project − Viacheslav Zarenkov is the Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, doctor of Economics, Professor, President Etalon Group. Artist. Writer. Author of more than 189 patented inventions, 3 monographs, more than 100 research articles and a series of artist’s books.

Viacheslav Zarenkov is awarded with Gold Medal of Society for the Encouragement of National Industry of France (Société d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale), the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation, awards of the Russian Orthodox Church: of St Daniel of third degree, of St George, of Sergius of Radonezh, “Rus Derzhavnaya”, the Commendation of Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus' Kirill for the assistance in restoration of relics of the village where St. John of Kronstadt, with a badge of honor “For Merit to St. Petersburg”, with a badge of honor “The Builder of St Petersburg”. The winner of the public award “Skyline” and Tsarskoye Selo Artistic Award.