On March 1, 2014 the hall of the St Petersburg State Academic Capella held the orchestral opening night of ballet “Three Masks of Julius”.

Music to the ballet was performed by the State Hermitage Orchestra (St Petersburg Camerata). Conductor – maestro Fabio Mastrangelo. Author of the project and libretto – Viacheslav Zarenkov. Composer – Mikhail Krylov. Orchestral opening nights is an old tradition coming to us from Italy at the end of the 18th century. Thanks to the orchestral opening night the spectators gain the possibility to focus on musical palette of every item and enjoy the sound harmony of a perfect orchestra.


Part 1

Part 2

“Three Masks of Julius” is a modern ballet in a classical style. The plot line is a fairy tale story of the Cinderella time taking place in the neighboring kingdom which was reigned by kind and just king Julius.

Listening to the music the visitors of the opening night were able to make an exciting trip in time together with the orchestra visualizing the life of the fairytale kingdom and its characters. Moreover, the Hermitage Orchestra Camerata has won the listeners with fabulous professionalism of musicians, art of execution and vivacity of transmitted emotions.

Before the concert Viacheslav Zarenkov told the Masks’ origin: − At first I planned to write a literary work under working title “ People and Masks” to show in it how a person changes when he/ she takes some position or it may be said that he/ she puts on a mask conforming to a certain position. Masks start dominating over the person’s individuality... And when the person starts thinking that he/ she is this mask it starts controlling him/ her. It took me a long time to decide how to finish this work. Who should win: a man or a mask? ... When I shared my doubts with Milhail Krylov he suggested developing the plot in a different more fairytale approach as the laws, rules of game the society lives on are also applied in fairy tales. That is how the story “Three Masks of Julius” appeared.

According to composer Mikhail Krylov fairytale character and perfectly suits the genre of the work. The image of a musical box appears and we find ourselves inside this fairy tale about kings and servants, friends and enemies, love and heartedness. Masks are a very interesting image. As well as dolls masks at any times concealed some secret from other sights. And secrets, magic, miracles are always attractive elements in arts and thus they are interesting for spectators and tempt them even if the secret in the process of actions remains unsolved.

Actions taken place in the middle ages are still essential in the modern world. There has always been and will be place for intrigues. Power struggle is as everlasting as power itself. Struggle for power is still on. And today people in order to achieve their goals sometimes are ready for many things and even for treachery. Avarice is a dangerous quality and unfortunately it is not uncommon among people close to power. And may God grant that love, kindness and justice always win!