В. А. Заренков
Project Managment


Author of the book – Viacheslav Zarenkov – Honorary Builder of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics, Professor, President of Construction Holding Etalon Group. Author of several monographs and more than 100 research articles as well as artist’s books. The book states the key aspects of project management theory as well as peculiarities of investment and construction project management. It considers phases and life cycle of the project, initiation, planning, implementation, and performance control, management of scope, quality, time and project financing as well as HR and physical resources management. The material’s presentation is logical and comprehensible, illustrated with tables and charts. The guidebook contains the glossary with definitions of key terms, subject index and reference list. The author rests on some foreign and national sources many of which are critically reconsidered as well as on own rich practical experience. The guidebook is addressed to students of higher educational institutions, post-graduate students, teachers and management personnel of the companies. It is recommended by the Academic Methodological Association for Education in the sphere of production management as a training manual for students of specialty 060800 “Economy and Management at Construction Enterprises” and the Academic Methodological Association of the Russian Federation for Education in the sphere of Construction as a training manual for students of construction institutions of higher education.