V.A. Zarenkov
Sopromat (Structural Performance of Materials)


Author of the book – Viacheslav Zarenkov – Honorary Builder of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics, Professor, President of Construction Holding Etalon Group. Author of several monographs and more than 100 research articles as well as artist’s books. Book of Viacheslav Zarenkov is written in amusing form using the bright and living language. Stories are full of creative energy, call for timeless values: love, kindness, benevolence, honor and justice. The author of “Sopromat” discusses important problems torturing the modern society, asks rhetorical questions. He shares his ideas and personal attitude to particular events with the reader as if he is having a heart talk with him. “Sopromat” is unique as this book is light and read at a sitting and at the same time it is serious and instructive.