Collection of Poems of Lidia Mikhailova


Lidia Mikhailova was born on January 15, 1927 in Mishino village, Gagarinsky District, Smolensk Region in the family of the civil engineer. Due to father’s work the family had to move very often. She spent two years in her native village. The 10th grade she finished in Orsha city. In 1948 she finished Orsha Railway Secondary Technical School. After that she worked at the Orenburg Railway in Kazakhstan as the station duty officer. From 1953 to 1988 she worked as the ticket clerk at station Tolochin in the Vitebsk region, Belorussia.

For the whole life she has improved her educational level. She is a committed Christian. Occasionally, when retired she discovered her poetic talent. She started writing and publishing her verses in 1990 at a very difficult time for our country. Over the years of creative work she has written many pieces on various topics including historical subjects.

Intended for general reader.