English Russian

On May 30 cinema center Mirazh Cinema, located at Bolshoy prospect Petrogradskaya Storona held the first showing of feature film “English Russian” based on collection of stories of Viacheslav Zarenkov “Sopromat” (“Structural Performance of Materials”).

At the press-conference taken place before the official release the film makers told how they acquired the idea to make a full-length film based on stories, how they chose a foreign actor – one of the leads and answered the questions of viewers and journalists.

Viacheslav Zarenkov confessed that since youth he had wanted to become a film-maker but, unfortunately took little part at shooting “English Russian”. He also reminded the audience about “Creative World” project within the frames of which such light, ironical and kind film “English Russian” was shot. “Shooting took quite a lot of time and I am very thankful to the shooting team that they finished it successfully. In fact many episodes were cut at film editing but still I think that the film is good,” summed up the meet-the-artist session Viacheslav Zarenkov.

Film “English Russian” tells the story of two absolutely different people: St Petersburg businessman Sergey and English teacher Ken. As it often happens in life, two people brought up in two absolutely different cultures when acquainted become very good friends and help each other in the most unexpected and sometimes funny situations. Story of “adaptation” of the Englishman to Russian reality appeared to be familiar for many viewers as during the film sincere smiles may be observed on viewers’ faces and the show finished with applause.